Saturday, December 29, 2007

abang or adik


i get confused calling asyraf at times. i'm so used to calling him adik when around amir. amir's been calling him adik as well. now with ariff around, we call him abang. but i get confused all the time. usually adik comes out when asyraf's gotten himself into mischief or is all sad and pouty. abang is used when i'm angry at him for something he's done. (having said that - i really hate the term adik to be used, actually)

a lot of people warned us about the middle child syndrome. i personally believe asyraf may be able to avoid this as he has a very strong personality and has a way of making people remember him. helping asyraf to overcome that, i try to get him involved with both his brothers. amir has a certain bond he develops by himself with both brothers. with asyraf, he loves playing and eating together (which is why i stressed on not separating them when they went to daycare) and with ariff, he's always singing him to sleep and giving him his bottle.

asyraf hasnt had the opportunity to bond with ariff just yet. he would watch from afar and smile...and smack when he's nearby. i cant even get them to lie next to each other long enough to take a photo. oh well...there's still time...

Monday, December 24, 2007

doctor's visit


took asyraf & ariff to visit their pead for their monthly jabs today. asyraf was due to get his mmr (measles, mumps & rubella) shot. i thought that he'd get his final pneumococcal jab as well but the doctor said that will be next month.

what we thought was a normal immunisation visit turned out to be one of asyraf's "normal" nebuliser visit. he got 2 doses in fact as the doctor said his breathing was very loud and phlegmy. he wanted us to continue giving asyraf his nasal spray before he starts wheezing.

hmm...i was surprised actually. when we think there's something wrong with him, the doctor always reply with "ni tak dak apa-apa ni..." but when we think he's well and fine, he's not.

i was actually more afraid the doctor will ask what we have been feeding him as he was a bit blotchy the past couple of days. i've been giving him various food to see what he can take and what he cant. i've also been monitoring his doo doo to see whether he has adverse reaction to the food. so far, he's ok with corn flakes, full cream milk, biscuits and honey stars cereal.

after his jab, hubby took asyraf out to the nebuliser machine. i could hear him crying and screaming from inside. as soon as i left the office, i prepared a bottle of milk for asyraf, afraid he'd be thirsty after using the machine. the doctor prescribed him with a couple of medicines to clear his phlegm and cough.

other than the time he was using the machine, asyraf was very active at the hospital. he tawaf-ed the lounge area thousands of time with amir and wanted to walk around the pharmacy area. all the walking around and the crying out loud made him tired and he slept the whole journey home.

current weight - 9.2kg (hmm...i thought he was heavier than that, actually)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

my first entry


age - 1 year, 1 month, 2 days
weight - 9kg
height - 60cm

date - 20 november 2006
time - 2:05pm
place - damansara specialist hospital

smile - 13 january 2007
food - 24 march 2007
laugh - 30 april 2007
tooth - 14 june 2007
walked - 17 november 2007