Sunday, February 17, 2008

at 15 months


time flies. when i look back at asyraf's photos and videos taken last year, i cant believe he's grown so much. when he was young, he was really very "young" then all of the sudden, he's grown and matured and able to do so many things.

asyraf now
- has 11 teeth. a weird number, i know, usually teeth grow in pairs. but he's got only 3 bottom teeth. i thought he would grow the 4th but all his 4 molars came out first. i think he's like me...i too have only 3 bottom teeth;
- talks like there's no tomorrow. still gibberish but he seems to know who to direct what he says to;
- is drinking loads...8-9oz at a time. but he drinks less number of times now. he can wait for 2-3 hours before his first bottle and can go to sleep without a feed (although the bottle has to be in his hands);
- doesnt take morning naps anymore, but takes a long lunchtime nap. sometimes he sleeps for 4 hours straight;
- loves music. if we start singing "if you're happy and you know it..." he would clap his hands, if we sing "i love you, you love me" he would sway his body from left to right, it we sing "round around the garden..." he would circle a finger on his open palm;
- loves the imaginarium tiza gave amir. he would play that for hours;
- can show his anger. if he's not happy with abang long, he would scratch and pull amir's clothes. then he would throw himself on the floor and cry out. we hardly go out anymore. we took the boys out to 1utama and asyraf wanted to walk everywhere. as soon as we hold our hand out to him, he would throw a tantrum on the floor;
- understands a few words like no, babab, nak, tak nak, close, tv, abang long, adik;
- doesnt play with drawers anymore after hubby babab-ed him hand. would quickly close drawers if we call out his name;
- doesnt nod, he only shakes his head no to every question we ask him;
- loves climbing. he can climb up and down the sofa, the bed, the changing table, the playpen, the table, the chair;

Sunday, February 10, 2008

being a hero


yataaaa...asyraf is way more brave than amir. he used to run to the edge of the stairs, not fearing the height. now he's into climbing...he would climb up the sofa, the bed, the bannister, ariff's bouncing chair...anything...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

growing up


asyraf is really growing up and taking in new skills. i'll update more when he turns 15 months at the end of the month.

for now, some pictures of asyraf over the month of january...