Saturday, March 22, 2008

16 months


asyraf is showing more and more of his personality. some we already predicted, some caught us by surprise.

we already know asyraf would be someone who is very curious, very detailed, very difficult. asyraf loves to play on his own. while abang long wants daddy and mummy to join him (by calling out to us, narrating what he's doing to us), asyraf prefers to play quietly in the corner. he's also very determined, i noticed that last night. he has a baby tad which has 6 shapes on the tummy, each with different song. he only like one song and would continously push the particular shape until the song he likes appears.

asyraf also likes things he's familiar with. he plays with the same thing everyday, the imaginarium. give him something new, he looks at it, and turn around to look for the same toy.

we're slowly decreasing his formula with the same amount of water (9oz) so that he gets used to plain water and can stop milk. we noticed that he's ok with that, so its time we change his formula and start giving him more sippy cups and tumblers.

asyraf has got a temper. when he's angry he would hit, he would bite, sometimes he's so angry he looks down (not look at the person he's angry with) and starts to shake with anger. but he lets go and calms down very fast. and if he's angry, he would throw whatever he's holding.

what we didnt expect is the noise. we thought asyraf was a quiet boy. we were wrong! he talks and mumbles and screams. he has said he's first few words...dada, lights (and points upwards), nak, abang (that's you lah asyraf). he knows a lot of words too...susu, sit down, close, tutup, no, adik, abang long, hush, haaa where?

he still shakes his head. everything is a no to him, even if he wants something. when asked if he wants susu, he would shake his head no, but reaches out his hands.

asyraf runs. he runs everywhere. he never ever walks. he runs from one room to another, he runs to the bathroom for a bath, he runs from abang long, he runs to the stairs, he runs in the shopping mall, he runs in the kitchen, he just runs.

he's grown 11 teeth now. he takes having 3 front teeth from me. he also takes my protruding jaw. braces, here we come...

Monday, March 10, 2008

hair today, gone tomorrow


he's back to his bald self...yeay...