Wednesday, November 18, 2009

asyraf and the iphone


asyraf loves playing the animal mechanical matching game...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 years & 3 months


out of the 3, asyraf has shown the most development. maybe because he's entered 'learning classes'.

- asyraf is now learning in school, he's in the toddler 2-3 years class;
- asyraf's teacher is ciikgu faezah (who was amir's first teacher in the school);
- asyraf is currently having his first tests (a bit worrying because asyraf doesnt talk properly);
- only amir understands asyraf's language - he's too lazy to open his mouth other than for crying;
- asyraf's stopped drinking milk in school but would immediately ask for a bottle when he gets in the car;
- he drinks about 3 bottles a day - spread over the course of the day on weekends and all 3 within 2 hours on weekdays;
- he's more excited about the baby's arrival this time than amir is;
- asyraf has on many occasions said he doesnt want to wear his diapers - hopefully that shows he's ready to be potty trained;
- asyraf answers questions with 'bab...' (sebab) and ends with '...lah'...with the exact same tone as amir;
- he talks in baby language which can be quite irritating but endearing at the same time;
- asyraf's mastered his ABCs and 123s but is stuck on repeat mode with 'blue'. ask him what colour, his answer is always 'blue';
- he loves reading and colouring, give him a box of colour and he can sit in a room all by himself;
- he's into shrek now, mainly because of donkey and puss;
- asyraf still throws a mean tantrum, he can cry from the moment he's strapped in the car seat till we get to the school gate;
- asyraf has a love hate relationship with amir but loves ariff to bits - maybe because they were in the same class for a while;
- when he gets up in the moring, he would first call out 'mokkkk?';
- he's easy to put to bed at night but would kick up a fuss when asked to take his daytime naps;
- asyraf is very shy and very loving;
- the good and bad thing about asyraf is fair skin - he's so fair that its so nice to see but every single bite pinch and scratch mark is visible.

latest pictures


asyraf last year...

asyraf this year...

asyraf and the boys...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Second Birthday


pictures from asyraf's second birthday. a small celebration for the 5 of us...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

at 19 months


asyraf is more alert and more aware. he remembers songs, characters, things. asyraf recognises our car and would jump and scream when we pull up in the daycare's driveway.

he used to play by himself and is able to entertain himself, but now he loves a audience. asyraf loves following and immitating amir, especially the tone which amir uses to speak. he then would get all embarassed when he realises we are watching.

asyraf still cant utter a proper word. the only clear word he says is "nak..." he cant even say tak nak, or nanak, mummy, daddy, susu...nothing...

this boy loves to run. he runs everywhere, he doesnt want. asyraf is very brave, he would run the moment he steps off the car, he would jump head first down the bed, he would climb on tables and chairs.

asyraf has got penyakit geram. he loves to hug and kiss ariff. he wants to carry ariff and would go on all fours to kiss ariff who is crawling.

asyraf is a good food taster. he would eat anything and everything. having to live on plain nestum for the first year of his life, he now wants to taste everything he's been missing. his favourite food at the moment is banana (or nanana as he would call it). he can eat 3-4 banana at one sitting.

he's still a handful when we go out. because of that, we try to limit the number of times we go out and limit the time we spend outside.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

at bukit tinggi


more of asyraf...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

at 17 months


while amir was loud in a kecoh manner, asyraf is loud and very garang. he gets angry when disturbed, he would growl out loud, raise his hand, scratch and even prepare to bite. asyraf doesnt take it lying down, he would give it back. big or small his opponent doesnt matter in the least to him, he just wants to give it his all.

having said that, asyraf is very gentle with ariff. he knows to talk softly, to touch softly, to take things from ariff gently. he loves playing peekaboo with ariff. he would even sing and clap his hands with ariff. i think they'll be quite close.

asyraf knows to salam now. he would take one hand into his two small ones and bring the hand to his face. sometimes he would even kiss the hand - the way he kisses, which is with his mouth in an O-shape.

asyraf also knows to raise both hands in a doa gesture. i'm not sure if he actually knows it or it was a one of similar thing. i'm sure he's seen the older kids reciting doa before eating at school and would have picked the action up.

asyraf naps once a day now. but he takes a very, very long nap. up to 6 hours at times. but he's very consistent with his bedtime and is slowly enjoying waking up late. he's sleeping past 7am nowadays.

he hasnt woken up at night for a few months but he still searches for his bottle at night. he would whine and his hand would work overtime until he finds his bottle and put it in his mouth. he gets very excited when he sees a bottle, preparing himself on a pillow. but if the bottle is for ariff, he would scream and scream until he too gets his bottle.

he's drinking more water than formula now. we only make 3 scoops to his 9oz warm water. we'll bring the formula down to only 2 scoops when he hits 18 months, then slowly try to wean him off the bottle and eventually formula for good. i think it'll be a bit difficult with asyraf, especially when ariff is still bottle-fed.

asyraf loves the ball. he can play a 1-2 with hubby, he can dribble and he can run after a ball. its wonderful seeing him running with amir in the yard. of course, they only run for a while, then it'll be a wrestling session over the bicycle.