Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 years & 3 months

out of the 3, asyraf has shown the most development. maybe because he's entered 'learning classes'.

- asyraf is now learning in school, he's in the toddler 2-3 years class;
- asyraf's teacher is ciikgu faezah (who was amir's first teacher in the school);
- asyraf is currently having his first tests (a bit worrying because asyraf doesnt talk properly);
- only amir understands asyraf's language - he's too lazy to open his mouth other than for crying;
- asyraf's stopped drinking milk in school but would immediately ask for a bottle when he gets in the car;
- he drinks about 3 bottles a day - spread over the course of the day on weekends and all 3 within 2 hours on weekdays;
- he's more excited about the baby's arrival this time than amir is;
- asyraf has on many occasions said he doesnt want to wear his diapers - hopefully that shows he's ready to be potty trained;
- asyraf answers questions with 'bab...' (sebab) and ends with '...lah'...with the exact same tone as amir;
- he talks in baby language which can be quite irritating but endearing at the same time;
- asyraf's mastered his ABCs and 123s but is stuck on repeat mode with 'blue'. ask him what colour, his answer is always 'blue';
- he loves reading and colouring, give him a box of colour and he can sit in a room all by himself;
- he's into shrek now, mainly because of donkey and puss;
- asyraf still throws a mean tantrum, he can cry from the moment he's strapped in the car seat till we get to the school gate;
- asyraf has a love hate relationship with amir but loves ariff to bits - maybe because they were in the same class for a while;
- when he gets up in the moring, he would first call out 'mokkkk?';
- he's easy to put to bed at night but would kick up a fuss when asked to take his daytime naps;
- asyraf is very shy and very loving;
- the good and bad thing about asyraf is fair skin - he's so fair that its so nice to see but every single bite pinch and scratch mark is visible.