Sunday, June 22, 2008

at 19 months

asyraf is more alert and more aware. he remembers songs, characters, things. asyraf recognises our car and would jump and scream when we pull up in the daycare's driveway.

he used to play by himself and is able to entertain himself, but now he loves a audience. asyraf loves following and immitating amir, especially the tone which amir uses to speak. he then would get all embarassed when he realises we are watching.

asyraf still cant utter a proper word. the only clear word he says is "nak..." he cant even say tak nak, or nanak, mummy, daddy, susu...nothing...

this boy loves to run. he runs everywhere, he doesnt want. asyraf is very brave, he would run the moment he steps off the car, he would jump head first down the bed, he would climb on tables and chairs.

asyraf has got penyakit geram. he loves to hug and kiss ariff. he wants to carry ariff and would go on all fours to kiss ariff who is crawling.

asyraf is a good food taster. he would eat anything and everything. having to live on plain nestum for the first year of his life, he now wants to taste everything he's been missing. his favourite food at the moment is banana (or nanana as he would call it). he can eat 3-4 banana at one sitting.

he's still a handful when we go out. because of that, we try to limit the number of times we go out and limit the time we spend outside.